Designed for Apple Watch

Independent Watch App

Plates is designed and developed for Apple Watch. It opens immediately and responds to your input fluidly without a tethered iPhone, which is great if you prefer working out with just your Apple Watch and headphones

Digital Crown

Intuitively adjust your target working weight using the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch.


Plates includes all types of face complications so you can add Plates to your workout-tailored watch face for quick access.

Full featured, simple design

Weight Snapping

Dial in a target weight with the Digital Crown and Plates will snap to a valid plate configuration with a satisfying Taptic click.

Reverse Plate Calculation

Tap weight plates to quickly add to the barbell, then use the Digital Crown to make fine adjustments.

Plate Standardizer

With one tap, Plates will standardize your barbell plate configuration if you input a non-standard one.

Warm-up Percentages

Tap a warm-up percentage to apply to your working weight. Plates will reconfigure your barbell with the reduced warm-up weight and restore your target weight when you are ready.

Configurable Equipment

Select available plates at your gym and dial in your empty barbell weight. Plates will your configured equipment to calculate valid barbell configurations. Plates supports metric and imperial weights and displays them using a standard color scheme.

No subscriptions, no ads, no data collection.

Plates neither accesses nor stores your private data and there are no subscriptions or ads.