Frequently Asked Questions

Inputing a target weight

Scroll the Digital Crown up and down to input your target weight. Plates will use your configured equipment to compute a standard plate configuration for your target weight. If a valid configuration does not exist for your configured equipment, Plates will snap to the nearest valid configuration and display the final weight.

Configuring barbell weight, plate inventory, and units (metric / imperial)

Force Touch the screen to configure your equipment. Plates will display a new view that allows you to configure the barbell weight, plate inventory, and units as follows:

  • Barbell Weight: Scroll the Digital Crown up and down to input your empty barbell weight.
  • Plate Inventory: Tap plates to add to your inventory. Plates displays the total number of plates in your inventory, not the per-side quantity.
  • Units: Tap kg or lb to switch between units. Tap again to reset your configuration to defaults.

Using the reverse calculator

Reverse calculation is always available. To use, simply tap a plate to add to the barbell. If your configuration is non-standard (doesn't use heaviest plates first) a wand will appear near the total weight; tap it to standardize the plate configuration.

Inputing and clearing a warm-up percentage

Once you have selected a target weight, tap the flame to apply a warmup percentage. Plates will display a grid of common warm-up percentages, tap one for your starting warm-up percentage. Plates will display the nearest plate configuration for the selected warm-up percentage, the total weight, and the selected warm-up percentage which you may adjust with the Digital Crown. To clear the percentage, tap the C% button and Plates will restore the original target weight.


  • You can use the Digital Crown to adjust the displayed warm-up percentage.
  • You can use the reverse calculator is this mode to directly input a warm-up plate configuration.
  • You can clear the warm-up percentage my tapping the C% or by scrolling the Digital Crown to 100%.